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The E. M. Sergeant Advantage

Why choose us for your propane heating needs?  We offer easy to understand programs designed to earn your business every year, not just the first.

Fair Price Promise

No need to change propane providers again and again to get the best price — our Fair Price Promise ensures you’ll get our new customer price every year.  We've never understood why most propane companies offer better pricing to new customers than to their loyal long term customers - we offer the same great pricing to everyone.  Contact us to learn more.


No hidden fees. No tank charges. No surprises.

Many propane providers advertise a low fuel price and then add in fees to make up the difference. It may sound silly, but we like our customers to know what they’re paying up front. No hidden fees. No tank charges. No shell games. What you see is what you get. It’s that simple. 



2014-15 Price Protection Programs

Sign up for one of our price protection programs and control your yearly heating costs. New and existing customer get the same price. 


PreBuy - $1.949 (Plus Tax) - The PreBuy program signup deadline is 8/31/2014

Fixed Price - $1.799 first 200 gallons, then $2.099 (Plus $49 Enrollment Fee* and Tax)

Price Cap - $1.799 first 200 gallons, then $2.199 (Plus $49 Enrollment Fee* and Tax)


You must have a 500 gal or larger tank to qualify for these programs. Minimum deliveries apply. Credit

approval required. $4 regulatory compliance fee with each delivery.

You must have a 500 gal or larger tank to qualify for these programs. Minimum deliveries apply. Credit approval required. $4 regulatory compliance fee with each delivery.

Program Details

Pre-Buy - Buy 500 to 3500 gallons of propane now and we will deliver it to you between the date you sign up for the program and March 31st, 2015. Unused gallons cannot carry forward but can be refunded at their original value after the season. Or you can use those dollars to purchase propane for the following heating season at the new price.

Fixed Price - Sign up for our Fixed Price program and buy all of your propane at the same price between the date you sign up for the program and March 31st, 2015.

Price Cap - Our Price Cap program guarantees that your price for propane will never be more than the cap price, but could be less if the street price is less, between the date you sign up for the program and March 31st, 2015.

Additional Charges and Fees - we charge a $4 per delivery regulatory compliance fee. We do not generally charge tank rental charges, hazmat fees, PERC fees, fuel surcharges, out of route fees, or other delivery charges.

Owned Tank Discount – if you own your own tank you qualify for a $0.10 per gallon discount. A gas check fee may apply.

Terms & Conditions  

1. Your account must be kept current for deliveries to be made.

2. This is a price protection plan, not a supply protection plan. If our supply is disrupted for any reason, then we may need to pass that disruption on to you for the same period as our disruption.

3. Any damages shall be limited to a prorata share of either the price cap fee or the pre-buy payment, whichever is appropriate.

Contact Us - To find out more about one of our programs please contact us hereor call us at (269) 343-1363, (269) 962-8795 or (800) 530-1363. 

Sign up documents and credit apps can be found here

Already signed up with another company? We can send you an early-bird reminder for next season - click here



Budget Plan

Spread out your annual energy costs into equal monthly payments and improve your cash flow. We pay you interest when you have a budget credit balance.


Budget Payment – once you sign up for our budget plan, we will send you a statement showing your monthly payment and when it is due. We will determine your payment based on your selection of a price protection program and/or your historical estimated usage. If you are new to our company or to the budget plan, or have any questions at all, please contact us and we will help you figure out your payment and answer your questions.


Terms and Conditions - Our budget program consists of 10 equal payments starting in July and ending in April. As budget payments are only estimates of your total expected heating cost, there may be a credit or debit at the end of the season – any difference will be reconciled in May. As heating costs can change over the course of the year, we will periodically review and reserve the right to adjust your payment, up or down, to insure that your year end balance is as small as possible. Signing up for one of our price protection programs will help insure that your heating costs will never be more than you expect.

If your budget balance is not current at any time during the budget season we will hold deliveries until your budget balance is current. If your balance is not current for two consecutive months, then we will remove you from the budget program and any outstanding balance will become due immediately.

Helpful Hints when Shopping for a Propane Supplier

When shopping for a new propane supplier, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • As a new customer, do I receive any special pricing?  If I were an exisiting customer what would my price be?  (Many companies offer you a great deal the first year but then hike your price up the next).
  • Do you have any additional fees or charges? (Some companies charge as much as $21 per delivery in additional fees like compliance, delivery, fuel surcharge, etc).
  • Do you have an annual tank rental charge?
  • What are your billing terms?  
  • Do you offer budgets that pay interest when there is a credit balance?  
  • Do you offer automatic fill with 24-hour emergency service guarantees?



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